Diablo III & the Kanai Skorn

Diablo has always been a guilty pleasure of mine. It satisfies that itch of gore, mayhem and good old-fashioned hack-and-slash. As of late, I’ve been on it quite a bit with my Seasonal Crusader grinding closer and closer to 100+ Greater Rifts. That’s why it surprised me when my good friend Memo told me about a very special weapon transmog that you could only get one week out of the whole year: the Kanai Skorn.

The Kanai Skorn is difficult because you can only acquire it between March 24th – 31st. That’s a 1-week window once a year! Outside of that, the process of getting it isn’t exactly hard but if you’re not trying to go for it then it would be surprising if you ever lucked into it.

Diablo’s Tribute

the Kanai SkornSo why the timeframe? The reason for the strict dates is that this transmog is a dedication to the late Kevin Kanai Griffith. I am embarrassed to admit that I had no idea this even existed in-game. It has been this way since Patch 2.3.0 way back in the summer of 2015. Which means right now is only the third time that this time window has shown itself. The dates are a reflection of Kevin’s birthday which landed in the last week of March.

Obviously, anything that’s rare is sought after. That’s just a fact of life for video games. And with only a very few ethereal type weapons in Diablo why not easily add one of them to your collection? If you like how the Skorn looks then you’ll love this ethereal version in the Kanai Skorn.

How to Get the Kanai Skorn

  • Log onto any Diablo character between March 24th – 31st
  • Go to Act III, The Ruins of Sescheron (in the top-right hand corner)
  • Keep going north throughout the map until you find the Elder Sanctum
  • Go into the Sanctum and again proceed to go north whenever possible. Eventually, you’ll come across the ruins of the Barbarian King himself in the Immortal Throne Room.
  • Loot the chest right beside the King to find the Kanai Skorn!

Now originally, you had to click on the Barbarian King and have his rage-filled ghost stand-up, so that they’d move forward to create a portal. Going inside the portal would start an event to kill many, many bovines alongside the King himself. Now however, that seems to be glitched. You can skip the event all together and just go directly to the chest.

Take the Time to Honor Kanai

Should you find yourself back in Sanctuary this week, try to make the time to go get the Kanai Skorn. Not only is it unique in it’s appearance but you’re taking part in honoring the memory of one of Blizzard’s own. If they made the effort to remember him surely you can too.




Featured & Additional Art ~ from Blizzard Entertainment.


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