Stay Awhile, and Listen to Deckard Cain

OMG, it’s finally happening. After seeing jokes about him here, there and everywhere Deckard Cain has officially been announced as the next hero to come into the Nexus. I’m honestly still astonished and positively gleeful about the entire experience. I feel like a 12-year old who just got exactly what he wanted for his birthday. Is this really happening? Have I finally gone crazy? Where did all my crackers go? Let’s all settle down together after the jump.

I’m so giddy from this announcement I can hardly think of how to start this all off. PAX-East is happening right now and just as they have in the past Blizzard had a Heroes of the Storm panel where they’ll give out some sneak peeks of things to come for the future. Among the items this year that they talked about was the announcement of Deckard Cain as the next new Hero to the Nexus. Let’s take a look at his trailer, and then sit down altogether just as Deckard would of to have a nice chat about it all.

The panel was only just over 10 minutes in when they uttered the phrase “Stay awhile, and listen.” to which a round of applause immediately replied. Clearly excited, Blizzard wanted us all to know that everyone’s favorite storyteller was finally coming.

Just as the video shows, Deckard Cain will be a Melee Support Hero who specializes in setting up heals ahead of time, controlling an area, and debuffing those he encounters. I see big possibilities for healing setups with him as well the potential kit to shut down these most recent hyper-mobile Heroes we’ve been receiving. Does his Horadric Cube have enough control to do it? We’ll have to wait until his PTR goes up.

Gameplay aside, I’m just thankful that I’ll finally have another Diablo Support Hero to play. Though I love Kharazim to death being one of my most played Supports-to-date, it would be nice to have another Diablo alternative to him besides Auriel.

Although Deckard isn’t exactly how Carbot pitched him to be in his adorable video from over 2 years ago, I think the way he’s been portrayed is perfect. It shows strong understanding and acknowledgment of where Deckard has come from and what’s he’s known for. The fact that his first Heroic Ability is “Stay awhile, and listen” is proof enough that we’re all in for a tremendous treat quite soon. I cannot wait.




Featured Art ~ from Blizzard Entertainment.

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