Diablo’s Season 13 Is Approaching Halfway

This surprised me too. I’ve fallen a bit off of the Diablo train again which is mostly from high IRL workloads. But when I found the time to jump back on the other day I started to crunch the numbers. I was worried that I only had a few weeks left to complete all of my Seasonal achievements. Nope! With most Seasons at this point being about 3 months long that would put us at an end date of late May. With that in mind let’s huddle together and see what we need to do before May.

Season 13 is halfway

If you have been active this Season then please, please, please don’t forget about doing your weekly Challenge Rifts. I am absolutely terrible at remembering to do them. I’ve meant to set a reminder to run them but I still can’t remember what day of the week that the new ones come out. All I can tell you is this week, it’s a Witch Doctor run and boy did I suck. Generally, it only takes me 1 or 2 runs to get the Challenge Rift done but this week I was in there for at least 5 or 6 runs before I completed with less time. I want to think that’s just a reflection of how incredibly little I play Witch Doctors… yes, we’ll go with that.

Moving onto Seasonal achievements. Honestly, I’d wager that if you play Diablo nowadays then this is probably at least half the reason to do so. I know it is for me, but luckily I’m nearly done it all this time. I’m miles ahead of where I ended in Season 12 and now I only have one thing left to do: a 3rd Seasonal Conquest.

Season 13 is halfway

Not that bad in my case, as I’ll be going for the achievement of completing a Level 45 Greater Rift with no set pieces equipped. Pretty sure I’ll be able to shrug most of that off with some random gear and my high-level legendary gems. But if you still haven’t started your Seasonal character fear not! You have so much time left that even if you’ve never done a Season you can still do everything.

Log in, roll a character and get grinding. Or better yet, find a friend to power level you to save you some hours of annoyance. If they’ve been playing even a bit, it should only take 10 or 15 minutes to bring you from Level 1 – 70. Then the real journey begins. Should you find yourself in this position give me a shout over here at HeroesWord and I’ll do my darndest to help you out. I’ll see you in Sanctuary.




Featured Art ~ “Diablo Crusader” from Darkodev on DeviantArt.

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