Born and raised in the icy north I’ve now realized my true form of an Archmage. I spend most of my time working, with my family and portaling from here to California and back.

I first got into Blizzard games way back in Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos and The Frozen Throne. Though I gamed fairly hard then I didn’t dive deep into the PC until World of Warcraft came out. I heavily procrastinated for a full year before finally getting it and sealing my doom for another 10 years. I became much more casual then realizing I couldn’t commit to an MMO if I wanted to be able to experience other things (games, girlfriends, my 20’s) and started to check out Blizzard’s other lineups in greater earnest.

When Heroes of the Storm was about I was lucky enough to get into the Friends & Family Alpha. From there on I stuck with it and have been on nearly daily since. Though I dread to use the word “casual,” the style of the game certainly supports my life and therefore playstyle as of late. With a little run running around and little time anywhere else getting a couple of hours in a night fits perfectly for me.


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